About Us

SMITH ZANDER is a specialist research and strategy consulting firm, offering expert best-in-class market research, industry intelligence and strategy consulting solutions to our clients. We enable clients to make informed business and investment decisions through our solutions and services, while our published work help regulatory authorities, professional advisers and the general public and investment community understand and appreciate the dynamics of specific markets and industries.

At SMITH ZANDER, we provide our clients with the latest market and industry insights, through bespoke deliverables covering areas such as market sizing, competitive landscape, market share, outlook and prospects. These help our clients and target audience better understand the markets and industries they operate in, by providing documented information founded on practical, on-the-ground research. Our consulting work takes fundamental data uncovered through our research and uses it to develop strategies and solutions for our clients, to ensure that our advice and recommendations are pragmatic and fact-based.

Our team at SMITH ZANDER has led and executed independent market research exercises for IPOs and other capital market transactions in a wide range of industries across Asia Pacific, primarily in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Our strategy consulting work has seen us give advice to our clients ranging from local conglomerates to international corporations, as well as government agencies and SMEs.


At SMITH ZANDER, we pride ourselves in our core values: our commitment to quality; our focus on client needs; and our respect for an open, honest culture.

Commitment to quality

“We are only as good as our last job”. At SMITH ZANDER, we hold on closely to this philosophy, by giving 100% each time to deliver premium quality to our clients. We maintain our quality by adopting robust and rigorous methodologies for each project, ensuring the integrity of our data and information, and by producing concise and articulate reports.

Focus on client needs

We begin each project by first understanding our client’s situation and needs. By understanding those needs, we will be better able to help find optimal solutions. We engage extensively with our clients to ensure that we are aware of changing needs, cognizant of external influences, and well-prepared for unexpected challenges; ultimately to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients. From the start to end of projects, we listen to our clients.

Respect for an open, honest culture

At SMITH ZANDER, we practice an open, tolerant culture, where we respect everyone’s values, beliefs and philosophies. We approach all situations with honesty and integrity, as this helps us gain respect in return. Respect, honesty and integrity: attributes that will help keep good people at our firm and ensure we retain our clients.